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Our Location

Because Small town charm is timeless...

The flavor of a small town - Wallace, NC!

Wallace is a small, historic southeastern town with a charming characteristic all its own. It has a pace of life that is slower and beckons you to stop and explore what's just below the surface. Imagine exploring the historic train depot in downtown, visiting local farmstands where there's fresh produce year round.

Or you may find a quaint antique store just off the beaten path and discover that the proprietor is a master craftsman of one-of-a-kind furniture and the proprietress' lemonade is probably the best you've ever tasted.

And maybe, during your adventures, you may just find the local seafood market that has a seasoning recipe, passed down from generation to generation, which changes a fish dish into a food legend.

Or maybe, just maybe, you wake up one day and say, "today's the day I am going to sky dive!"

So, yes, Wallace is simple, it’s easy and it's yours to discover. What will you do with it if you get the chance?

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